Danger. Duty. Distrust. Three words that describe the life of a cop. Warrior. Servant. Leader. Three words seldom associated with cops. This book will take you behind the badge. Share my life of 26 years behind the badge. Life behind the badge is a life most cops guard and treasure. You will get to see behind the curtain.

You will get a look at a life most people can only imagine. The stories and lessons shared are about cops, but this book applies to the Warriors, Servants and Leaders in all walks of life. Learn the Warrior-Servant-Leader Code. 

Take the Warrior-Servant-Leader self assessment at the end of the book. Are you ready to start the journey of a Warrior-Servant-Leader? My hope is you will read this book and be challenged, inspired and even find a little humor. Thanks for sharing this journey with me. Enjoy!

Warrior Servant Leader: eBook